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All successful cappers who earn large amounts of money by betting on sports were beginners at the very beginning of their careers. For a beginner, you can start betting on BetPower registration https://betting-tips.co.ke/betpower/. The bookmaker has long gained popularity among Kenyan players. Mainly due to fast payouts, high bonuses and coefficients.

It is unlikely that any betterer will be able to avoid all the mistakes on their way, but knowing the typical mistakes will at least reduce their number. Therefore, we will analyze the most common mistakes among novice visitors to bookmakers.

Let’s look at the mistakes that are most often made by new players of bookmakers:

  • Real money bets. Novice players should pay attention to virtual bets, i.e. unrealistic money. This will allow you to save the game Bank and get basic knowledge about bets.
  • The neglect of services. In an era when everyone is chasing traffic, many resources offer great tools for free that make life easier for bettors. To know information about money transfers, falling odds, which bookmaker offers the highest odds for a particular event, etc. – agree, it’s cool enough?.
  • The game for all the money. A novice better does not want to wait a few days or weeks before all the events that he has bet on are played. He wants to make a profit as quickly as possible and as much as possible. Therefore, he does not bother to choose a suitable event and puts all available funds on a single outcome. Even if he is lucky and wins this bet, in the future this strategy will inevitably lead to the drain of the entire Bank.
  • Betting on forks. Arbitrage betting is not recommended for two reasons. First, a novice betterer is unlikely to be able to find forks on their own. Using third-party resources or offers from “well-wishers”, you risk losing your money. Secondly, even if you can constantly find overrated events and place bets on opposite outcomes, getting a win for any result, the bookmaker will definitely detect this and count this activity.
  • Post-goal bets. A post-goal is a situation when the bookmaker continues to accept bets on the same coefficient, despite a change in the situation in the match that is directly related to it. Noticing this error, the betterer hurries to place a bet. Result-the first bet may pass, but if repeated violations occur, a refund will be made, or the player’s account will be blocked altogether.
  • Having made two or three successful bets, a beginner risks feeling like a guru of bookmakers. Because of excessive self-confidence, he begins to choose events thoughtlessly, makes too big bets, and makes mistakes. As a result – you lose all your money as quickly as you win it.
  • Tips from the outside. If your own experience and skills are not enough, the novice player turns to professional cappers. It is not necessary to believe only in forecasters, it is necessary to use their forecasts only as an idea for thinking.
  • Desire for quick wagering. This error results from the first one – playing for the entire amount of the pot. Even if the bet amount is less (half a Bank, or a third), if you lose, the better will have a desire to recoup. In the best case, he will put his entire balance on the next event, which is more or less well versed. At worst, he will borrow money and bet on the first match that comes along. Obviously, it is not necessary to say what the result of such betting will be.
  • The fan rate. If you are a fan of a team, then avoid betting on events with its participation. You simply can’t objectively assess the potential of this club in the upcoming match. It will always be overrated for you. Yes, there is a category of people who bet on the teams they support. But these are Amateurs in the betting world, and they don’t really care if their bet loses or wins – they only do it to support the team.
  • Bids without prior analysis. This applies to both pre-match and live bets. Definitely need to analyze all the factors affecting the outcome of the match: the teams, the standings, injuries in athletes, the venue of the meeting, interest in the victory, and so it’s Better to understand a couple of Championships and earn than sprayed all sports, taking the money to the bookie.
  • Preparation of large Express trains. In the pursuit of odds, beginners prefer to bet on Express bets made up of multiple events. Each of these events in itself seems like a “sure thing” for them, so they believe that the Express will definitely pass. In fact, out of 10 bets with a coefficient of 1.1-1.5, compiled in Express, very often 1 or more events do not play.
  • Bets on low odds. Novice betters believe that a low-odds event should definitely happen. This is often the case. But, if you lose at least one of the ten bets on Caffrey, all the efforts of the betterer will be in vain. Betting on odds of 1.5-2 can bring more profit with a deep analysis of the upcoming match.
  • Play in the same bookmaker. Even the best bookmakers can’t offer the highest possible odds for all events included in their line. This is not surprising, because different offices have different estimates of probabilities, and therefore assign the appropriate coefficients. Experienced betters study the lines of several betting companies in search of the most favorable conditions for betting. Yes, the difference in the coefficients 1.9 and 1.95 is not so significant for a single bet, but if you take a long distance, the shortfall for bets on smaller quotes can be hundreds of thousands of rubles. In some cases, the suboptimal choice of coefficients does not allow the betterer to go to plus at all.
  • Bets on little-known sports and Championships. If you are constantly betting, for example, on English Premier League football games, then you should not switch to the NBA. Beginners often do this because they don’t want to wait for the next game in their preferred sport. You can’t make a bet based only on the odds or the advice of other betters – you need to understand the predicted event yourself.
  • Non-compliance with Bank management. Regardless of the chosen strategy and method of betting, you cannot Deposit more than 10% of your bankroll on one coupon. In General, professionals recommend allocating about 3-5% for each bet. Of course, such bets will not bring much profit, but they will insure you in case of a series of unsuccessful bets.

So, we have considered all the main mistakes that beginners make when they make their first bets in bookmakers. By eliminating them completely, you can significantly increase your chances of winning.